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It’s Official! It’s Time for Some Football!

August 14, 2015

  It is indeed official. Maplewood threw down a great kickoff event to open Metro Nashville's 47th Year of the Football Jamboree. With a full house of great fans of all ages, another season of Friday night lights had begun. The MNPS football jamboree is one of the longest, consecutive running  jamborees in the south. With its humble beginnings of only a few coaches working together to... Read more »

Celebrating another heat-drenched band camp in the can.

August 4, 2015

Smoke from the grill, cars pulling into the parking lot like it is a Friday football night ball game, musicians wearing red band shirts walking toward the field are all familiar sights and sounds that signify a new school new is about to begin.  For some schools, these sights and sounds aren't apparent until an actual football game is taking place, but at Overton, where strong traditions and ritu... Read more »

Investing in O’Town Music Program Brings Eleni Miller Home

Investing in O’Town Music Program Brings Eleni Miller Home

June 5, 2015

Nashville - John Overton High School is pleased to announce and welcome home John Overton alumna, Ms. Eleni Miller, as assistant director for the John Overton Marching Band. Ms. Miller is the newest member to  the The Academy of Event Marketing and Music Performance. Ms. Miller, who comes to the Overton faculty from Croft Middle School is a multiple degreed teacher who has earned both her Masters o... Read more »

Answer: Practice. Practice. Practice.

May 28, 2015

"I knew we were in for a long ride when she handed me a completed application to the Sewanee Summer Music Program at the age of 13. When she got accepted I knew we were going to be poor" stated Sarah Strasinger's mother, Susan when asked when she knew Sarah was serious about playing the bassoon. "I knew right then that when she told me she wanted to go to the University of the South to be 'one with... Read more »