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Coming through the other side of the dimension comes Doctor Strange

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NASHVILLE- Marvel Studios has done it again with it’s fourthteen film in their studio’s history with Doctor Strange. Benedict Cumberbatch shines as Doctor strange, Rachael McAdams as his coworker Dr. Christine Palmer, and Tilda Swinton as the master of the sorcerers “The Ancient One.”

Doctor Strange is set in numerous timeline within the Marvel Studio film like Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America, and etc. It, also goes from place to place from New York City, London, Hong Kong, Nepal, and to outer dimension of space itself.

Doctor Strange comes out as a powerful Superhero film, but also serves as a big science fiction film.

Doctor Strange serves as a story about Doctor Stephen Strange who is the world’s top neurosurgeon, but when a severe Car accident damage him physically and mentally.

He embarks on a journey to Napal in search for the one who  they call the “Ancient One.” In hopes of her fixing him, but something greater is offered to him.

Doctor Stephen Strange then learns the aspects of what is real and what is illusions. While, in this is happening he comes across secrets and threats that could destroy him and everything he’s stood for. A fan was asked about what he thought of Doctor Strange:

BB: Have you seen Doctor Strange? and if so did you like it?

JB: Yes. I saw it opening night, and yes, I loved it!

BB:Was it like anything from the comic books?

JB: I think so.  I didn’t know that much about Doctor Strange from the comics before seeing it.  I would compare it to Guardians of the Galaxy.  I didn’t know much about those characters going into seeing the movie, but Marvel does an amazing job in both films of introducing characters and giving us a reason to care about them.

BB: Did you see it in 3D?

JB: I only saw it in 2D, but I heard the 3D is amazing.


BB: Who was your favorite character? Why?

JB: My favorite character is Doctor Strange, of course!  Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the greatest actors alive right now, and he did an amazing job with Doctor Strange.  I was surprised how perfect his American accent was perfect.  He is so well-known for playing British characters like Sherlock Holmes and Alan Turing.  I thought it would be strange to hear him with an American accent, but he made it sound completely natural.  I also liked how sarcastic and funny he was. He reminded me a lot of the first time I saw Robert Downey Jr. play Tony Stark.


BB: Was it the best comic book film to date?


JB:I don’t think it was the best comic book film to date.  I think that title still belongs to Captain America: Civil War.  I do think it is the best solo Marvel movie since the first Iron Man.  It’s just hard to rank Doctor Strange above a movie with as many awesome characters as Civil War.


BB: Do you encourage people to see Doctor Strange?

JB:Absolutely.  I think anyone could enjoy Doctor Strange, even if they haven’t seen every other movie in the Marvel universe.  It’s the first movie they’ve made in a while that doesn’t require the audience to be familiar with all the details of the other characters in their universe.  It has incredible special effects, is full of action, has great characters, and is guaranteed to make you laugh.


Lots of things made this film what it is from acting, writing, directing, and etc. The writing of character is what this movie was made great. Benedict Cumberbatch  triumphs as Doctor Stephen Strange as he performs every aspect of this character that was adapted from the comic books.


From him enjoying his life to it being cut from under him to becoming a hero that helps people, it showed how good writers wrote the character and how good Benedict did as strange. For example, Doctor Strange in one part of the film was traumatize by what just happened and says “I can’t do this”. Other characters performs extraordinary alongside Doctor strange as his mentor, friends, enemies, and love interest as writer worked with these characters.


The other aspect of this film that made the film enjoyable to audiences and critics everywhere. Doctor Strange aspects the motion 3D caption that were involved in this film really well. It performs really well with the plot and storyline that also keeps moviegoers on the edge of their making them believe that your actually in the movie.


Doctor Strange proved to be outstanding performance by the cast and writer of the film. It also proved to be shocking with the visual effects of the film that keeps you in disbelief that prove to the audiences  of the film of being a solid, and no doubt the best origin story of the Marvel Studios films.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Coming through the other side of the dimension comes Doctor Strange