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Sean Pak Shines as EMMP’s First Student of the Month

November 21, 2016

Overton has a new way to recognize  students of exceptional talent and academic success.

Each academy will choose an outstanding student who the faculty members of that academy believe represents the character, mission and vision of each academy. 

The Event Marketing and Musical Performance Academy is the first to choose a student of the month, and EMMP voted for  Sean Pak! Mr. Baker, the lead teacher of the Marketing pathway, nominated Pak for his achievements in the classroom in just a short two year span.

Mr. Baker views Sean as a “great representation of the EMMP academy, “by being part of the academic organization DECA and for his talents playing the piano. Sean excels in both the marketing and music performance pathways of EMMP

The Bobcat Beat considers him the the rest of students, what we like to call a “Trifecta” A student who excels in all academic subjects and two or more extracurricular activities.

Baker adds that Sean is “very bright, focus, mature, and intelligent” student. Baker assures that Sean always “gets his stuff done and is motivated to learn.”

The academy views Pak as a true representative of the EMMP academy.

Sean Pak

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Sean Pak

Mrs. Anderson, who is Sean’s IGCSE English teacher, says, “Sean is an incredibly witty and bright student.” Many see him as a cheerful person who can “always take or make a joke.”

In class, Sean is very “active and inquisitive during class discussions,” and is “always thoughtful towards others.” 

Sean is a member of the prestigious Vandy program or SSMV. This program requires a student to miss school one day a week for the School of Science and Math Vanderbilt program (SSMV). 

To be at the top of one’s class while always having to get “caught up” on the day that is missed requires a very organized student.  

Besides his success with DECA and the Vanderbilt program, Sean Pak is striving to be at the top in the Cambridge program at Overton.

Pak is taking classes towards getting the Cambridge diploma, a academic study program that Overton is pleased to have the most students to earn  the prestigious award.


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