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The Man of Steel has cousin who is taking CW by Kyptonian storm.

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Do you know the sole survivor of the planet Krypton who is known as the ‘Man of Steel’-Superman? Hist story of how he came to be born on Earth of a sacrificing father, Jor-El, who discovered a nuclear chain reaction was building inside the planet Krypton.  In order to save his son, Jor-El launched the spacecraft toward Earth just before Krypton exploded.


And superman was found as an infant by Jonathan and Martha Kent inside the spacecraft and they brought him to their farm in Smallville, Kansas. His story is famous.

However, few know about his cousin, Kara Zor-El, more commonly  known as “Supergirl”. She was sent to Earth, too.

She was sent here to protect Kal-El or Superman if you must. But their timing was off.

Kara did not make it to Earth at the same time as Kal-El ‘Superman’ did.

She was trapped in the Phantom Zone, where time is stopped. She comes down to Earth after spending 12 years there. It is her job to protect her cousin, however, when she arrives, her cousin a grown man and being able to protect himself.

While she is still a little girl, Kara is adopted by the Danvers family, Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers. Having hid her powers for more than a decade, believing that Earth didn’t need another hero, Kara is forced to reveal her powers to thwart an unexpected disaster, setting her on her own journey of heroism as National City‘s protector.


Overton is proud to have an expert on many comic heroes and the Bobcat Beat often defers to our very own math teacher, Mr. Collins when exploring the characters that so many appreciate in the world of superheroes.

Bobcat Beat: What do you think about the show Supergirl?

Mr. Collins: I think it’s LIT !

Bobcat Beat: So what do you like about it?

Mr. Collins: I like how they introduced Superman into the show, I think that was pretty cool. Also I think it was a smart move that they put it on CW cause now they can have the 4 shows , Arrow, Flash, DC’s Legend of Tomorrow & Supergirl. I’m just excited how like they will have all the characters meet and connect, I just like that, because it reminds me of all the Marvel movies.

Bobcat Beat: What do you think about the collaboration with the Flash ?

Mr. Collins: I liked it, I just don’t know how they’re going to meet now because it makes no sense. But I trust they can make good stuff.


Season 1

1.     1-1                 26 Oct 15   Pilot
2.     1-2                 02 Nov 15   Stronger Together
3.     1-3                 09 Nov 15   Fight or Flight
4.     1-4                 16 Nov 15   Livewire
5.     1-5                 23 Nov 15   How Does She Do It?
6.     1-6                 30 Nov 15   Red Faced
7.     1-7                 07 Dec 15   Human for a Day
8.     1-8                 14 Dec 15   Hostile Takeover
9.     1-9                 04 Jan 16   Blood Bonds
10.    1-10                18 Jan 16   Childish Things
11.    1-11                25 Jan 16   Strange Visitor from Another Planet
12.    1-12                01 Feb 16   Bizarro
13.    1-13                08 Feb 16   For the Girl Who Has Everything
14.    1-14                22 Feb 16   Truth, Justice and the American Way
15.    1-15                29 Feb 16   Solitude
16.    1-16                14 Mar 16   Falling
17.    1-17                21 Mar 16   Manhunter
18.    1-18                28 Mar 16   Worlds Finest
19.    1-19                11 Apr 16   Myriad
20.    1-20                18 Apr 16   Better Angels

Season 2

21.    2-1                 10 Oct 16   The Adventures of Supergirl
22.    2-2                 17 Oct 16   The Last Children of Krypton
23.    2-3                 24 Oct 16   Welcome to Earth
24.    2-4                 31 Oct 16   Survivors
25.    2-5                 07 Nov 16   Crossfire
26.    2-6                 14 Nov 16   Changing
27.    2-7                 21 Nov 16   The Darkest Place
28.    2-8                 28 Nov 16   Medusa
29.    2-9                             Supergirl Lives






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The Man of Steel has cousin who is taking CW by Kyptonian storm.