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O’Town International Day 2017 is back Friday better than ever.

“Overton is diverse and you can represent your home country and culture. Students in any grade are invited to perform: sing, dance, play on instrument, etc…This year there is more of a team and it will last throughout the day. Mr.Oldom will be having a Religions Discussion in the auditorium, and there will be more performances this year.”- Ms.Robinson, International Day Director

Overton’s International Day illustrates how we are all united and how it’s important to learn about different cultures. The goal is also for people to become educated to the lifestyle of the those around us. It will be held on Friday, February 17th in the both Overton gyms. the auditorium and individual classrooms. Students of all grades were  invited to perform: sing, dance, play an instrument, etc. Mr.Oldom will also be holding an Interfaith Panel in the auditorium.

Lena Tayip, an Overton student is excited to see what her peers will be bringing to share and perform. “I was involved in International Day back in middle school and it was fun. You get to be with your friends and it taught people things about our country. I would do it again because it was a fun experience. I encourage other people to go because you can definitely learn.”

John Overton High School is the most diverse school in the state of Tennessee. We celebrate these different countries by having food stands with posters and some students show off their cultural wear. The gym is separated with different areas of the world, and there is maps showing where there country is located. Some students perform in front of the crowd with their native dances.

World Percussion class at John Overton High School performs at the 2016  International Day.

In the small gym, you get to see the significance of being thankful for diversity. Students do a series of activities that show students their own characteristics using their own art from their culture. There are different booths that you can engage in by designing arts and crafts. The henna tattoo station is one of the favorite booths. The temporary tattoos are always overrun by people who want to get theirs done.

During the day, speakers from around the world will lecture about religion and beliefs. In the auditorium, there is a Religious Discussion where students get to ask speakers questions about their religion. They day will actually start by having a lesson in your class about different ethnicities. Every year International Day becomes bigger and more creative. At the end of the day, you have a better view on how you see people you go to school with.

Check back through out the day with the Bobcat Beat. We will be posting updated pictures and stories throughout the day.

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