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Hugh Jackman’s Final Performance Was a Great Farewell to Wolverine

Logan Poster by t1.gstatic.com-

Logan Poster by t1.gstatic.com-

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Logan came out this weekend which stars Hugh Jackman as the iconic character Wolverine in his last performance ever as the character. This film, also marks the first Wolverine film to be rated R for strong and brutal Violence if parent were thinking about taking their little ones to see it. This film stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, and Dafne Keen. This  film is set in multiple locations during the film: El Paso, U.S./Mexico border, and North Dakota. This film, also has a action/drama mix as it can make really sad at one point, but then have you on the edge of your seats.

Logan is about Wolverine who’s real name is Logan down in the south, now old and healing factor not working properly. Logan has to take care of a very ill Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) who’s in the worst shape of his life. Logan is trying to live a normal life, but is thrown back into action when a little girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) needs his and Charles help. Logan’s attempt to hide from the world and his legacy are swallowed down when men show up, and causing him to go back to action. Set six years after the previous X-Men movie Logan triumphs by dealing with his inner demons while dealing with life at the same time.

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Every aspect of this film is a perfect masterpiece, but the acting is beyond an master piece. Hugh Jackman give a Oscar performance one final time as the Wolverine as he spends his time in this film easily depressed, dark, and broken both physically and mentally. His performance is beyond any acting that has come from a actor/actress playing a superhero He delivers a line where he tells Charles “Someone will come along” that shows how broken Logan is. Patrick Stewart, also delivers as Professor Charles Xavier who definitely is broken too, as well as bringing the comic relief as well. One line from the film is “Logan! I have to Pee!” that shows how much Patrick Stewart delivered in his final role as the professor.

The other aspect filmmaking that was spot on was the direction. Director James Mangold brought a superhero film that we have ever seen before since the Dark Knight. Logan director is pure perfect as the film is dark and gritty, but as well as making the audience laugh at the same time. Mangold was able the balance ever aspect of filmmaking into this film not too much comedy or comedy that really fits well with the film in this entirety. Mangold, also delivered what Wolverine fans had been waiting for years, an very bloody and brutal violent Wolverine that is so violent that it had to be rated R, specially for the violence, and it delivered.

The Bobcat Beat had the pleasure to ask Oscar Bolivar was he thought of Logan and this is what he had to say:

BB: What did you think of Logan?

OB: “I think it was the best movie that they ever made of Wolverine. I like how deep and dark it was, but it also had a few light moments. I enjoyed the family aspect of the movie, and seeing what happened after the X-Men”. 

BB: Did you love or hate Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine?

OB: “I’ll say that I loved it, because Jackman put his whole heart and soul into the movie, and it really showed in the movie”. 

BB: Does Logan deserve Oscar nominations?

OB: “Yes, 100% yes. I believe that the entire movie was perfect for people who wanted a real intense, realistic representation of the character”. 

BB: Who was your favorite character? Why?

OB: “Although it is called Logan, I really enjoyed X-23. X-23 was the girl in the movie whom was born with claws like Wolverine and the personality of the Wolverine made by scientists. I enjoyed how her character was insane and was surprised how she can be independent, since Logan was supposed to protect her”.

BB: Was it the best comic book movie of all time?

OB: “So far, I think it was the best comic book movie right now. It’ll be difficult for another comic book movie to top it off”. 

BB: Was it a great send off to Hugh Jackman?

OB: “I wanted more movies of Hugh Jackman, since he was really good as the Wolverine. Yet, it was a pretty good sign off for the character and the actor whom did an amazing job”. 

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Logan delivers on a powerful comic book movie that such a masterpiece, it’s getting Oscar bids for director Mangold, Jackman, and the film all together. This film goes down as one of the best films of all the time, and the best comic book movie of all time.

Logan delivers as The Critics, audiences, and fans give this film critical acclaim, and a big Thanks to Hugh Jackman for 17 years of Wolverine as it was  beautifully executed, and a great sendoff to Hugh Jackman as Logan, also known as the Wolverine.


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Hugh Jackman’s Final Performance Was a Great Farewell to Wolverine