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John Overton Engineering Academy students head to Stantec to create and pitch projects

Stantec is an international services company that was founded in 1954. Stantec has about 22,000 employees that are working in over 400 different locations around the world.

On Thursday, April 6, a group of John Overton High School Engineering Academy students went to Stantec, one of the Engineering Academy’s business partners, to participate in a large group job shadow. 

When the students first arrived  at the headquarters of  Stantec, they met in one of the business conference rooms. Some of the employees that work at Stance introduced themselves and gave the students a background of their careers.

Students were shown film that describes the concept of what Stantec’s mission as a company. The video described all the Stantec offerings as a business.

They talked about how anyone could be an employee at Stance, one doesn’t have to have a certain career, like in engineering, to be offered a job. It taught the an important characteristic of a good employee is trust in yourself and the people you work with. You have to trust that you have strength and knowledge in the work that you do.

“One of the things that stood out to me from the video was that you have the ability to work with all different people, no matter what job you take. Working with others is a very important factor in the work force and I learned that a lot today after my experience at Stantec,” Says Hyunsup Kim, one of the engineering students.

After the Overton students watched the video and analyzed it a little as a group, we were all assigned a project. Students were told to design a site in a certain area of land. However, there were different factors of the land that we had to learn about before starting the project.

Students were all put into groups of four. Then we had a session with four different employees. Each session taught the students about different parts of the land and area before they could start the project. After all four sessions and all the information needed to begin the building project had been shared students had to make decisions where and how to building. The building couldn’t just build it anywhere,  all of the factors, including habitats, communities, anything that could be dangerous had to be assessed and factored into the project.

After we put in all the factors and worked with our groups, students presented their designs with a specific client in mind and with the object to have their group hired. 

The clients in this situation were Stantec employees who assessed the project. The clients or judges listened to all the presentations and then grouped up to choose a team that they thought went all out and created a building that met all the objectives.

“It was pretty exciting to know that my team won. It showed me that we learned many new ideas and learned the concept of brainstorming ideas and putting all we learned together,” Says Hyunsup.

When we were put into groups, I didn’t know anyone I my group. At first I didn’t want to say anything. After a few group members made it comfortable, we all started to interact and work with one another”


When we were put into groups, I didn’t know anyone I my group. At first I didn’t want to say anything. After a few group members made it comfortable, we all started to interact and work with one anotherToday, I learned that you can get a job done with anyone, if you just put in all of your best work,” Says another student that went to Stantec.

“When I heard we had to go on a job shadow, I wasn’t so excited. I thought we would be sitting around listening to something I probably wouldn’t care about,” Says Payam Mizoury. “However, Stantec wasn’t just a boring trip. We worked on a project and that was pretty exciting to me. We learned a lot and had an amazing time as well.”

In the end, students who went to Stantec all agreed that much was learned during the job shadow. Students learned how to worked with other students who they are not familiar and learned to brainstorm incorporating different pieces of information.

Perhaps the most important lesson learned, is that once one have evaluated all the information, in the end you have trust your group once you have made your decisions.

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