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Norman Binkley

Overton’s future class of 2028 received former students soon to graduate as the class of 2017

By May 12, 2017, the eve of graduation, Thursday, the 2017 class seniors had completed their requirements and eagerly waiting for Saturday to mark off the accomplishment thirteen years in the making. Almost all seniors eagerly await the break before graduation as much as they anticipate the actual walk across the stage.

Overton students of the graduating class of 2017 walk the halls of their former elementary school as members of Norman Binkley Elementary applaud their accomplishments. The seniors graduate at Belmont Curb Event Center May 13, 2017 All rights held by Bobcat Beat (photographer Tabarq Al Alarq)

However, several John Overton High School soon-to-be graduating students did something better than just sleeping in and playing video games during this short break.

They woke up in the morning, got dressed up in their caps and gowns, and made their way down to Norman Binkley Elementary.

Here, at an elementary school that feeds into Overton High School, these soon-to-graduates return to the place where it started for each them – their elementary school. 

These graduates of Norman Binkley were received by students are the future classes of 2024-2028. Norman Binkley’s kindergarteners as well as fourth graders applauded the class of 2017 graduates who had the opportunity to walk their former halls one more time.

Representing O’Town as they walked through the elementary school in their caps and gowns decorated in all of their cords and awards that they had received was an emotional moment as none thought about the day that was fast approaching.

As they walked through every hallway, as they were led by Norman Binkley’s fourth grade leaders, the students applauded the Class of 2017.

After the paraded the seniors broke out into classrooms, talking about their history of school, their futures, and advice for the young students.

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